Sunrise and Cook Inlet  

Posted by Stan Harrington

This morning the early light of the new day found three generations of our family on Cook Inlet for a morning of Late Run King Salmon fishing. The generations included myself, my son Heath and my granddaughter, Heather. Although, there was a chill to the air as we trolled along the beaches just north of Anchor Point, there was never a whimper from Heather as to crispness of the morning breeze. However, she gladly accepted my offer of wearing my gloves. Later, I would offer to buy them back, when the bidding got to five dollars, she stayed firm but did return a counter offer that if she could have just "one more sweet roll" she would give me my gloves back. Goes to show everyone has a price, you just have to be patient. It was a good day on the water, even if the fishing was slower than we expected but once again the sea provided the bounty for those that are patient.

Son, Heath did pick up a nice King Salmon in the 45 - 50 pound range, once again being the hot rod on the boat. On the previous evening he had picked up a King Salmon that was almost identical to this fish. Same boat, same lure, and same location. I offered him five dollars for his lure which was refused and he did not want a sweet roll, but that is o.k., I can respect that. Back on shore, I took a look in his tackle box and I now posses the lure and it was free. Tomorrow is my turn. While some strive to to break that seventy two pound mark, my sights are set just a little higher, like 72.5 pounds or larger. Did I ever tell you that story?