Summer 2011  

Posted by Stan Harrington

The northerly winds are starting to show on a regular basis, marking the end of the summer and the changing of the season's.  The fall season will be short lived and once again we will experience the onslaught of winter. The wild and domestic flowers have passed their prime, but we have experienced a great summer growing season. These pictures were taken at our home in Anchor Point, Alaska. 

Front Yard Rock Garden

The Delphiniums experienced a great summer, three of the nine beds exceeded eight feet in height between 5/18/2011 to their peak the latter part of August.  The ground cover at the base of the White Delphiniums are English Daisies.
We raised four varieties of Lilly's this season, a hardy flower for our conditions.
The Dahlias ~ this is the first year that I have attempted to raise Dahlias, although late bloomers, they were a great addition.  A very sturdy plant that do well under our windy conditions since we live on a bluff
 and susceptible to wind.  Plan on increasing to several beds this next growing season.  
My all time favorite ground cover flower, the Livingston Daisy. By planting them close, you can create a bed of blossoms that are vibrant in color and hardy.  They are also known as "Sun Flowers" because they will close up under low light conditions and blossom in full color with a touch of sunlight. A great flower requiring very little maintenance. 
English Daisy
Lilly Bed Combined With Plox, Columbine, and Fern.