Happy Birthday ~ My Good Friend  

Posted by Stan Harrington

This evening, I have sat and searched out hundreds of poems to best describe how I feel about a special friend of mine.  Then it dawned on me, words of poetry cannot describe our friendship, our bond that has existed for the past nine years.  Between, the two of us, we do not need to share the spoken word, our feelings for one another is expressed through our eyes, a slight movement of the hand, and from the heart.
You have been there, at times when I needed a friend the most.  In grief at our loss, as the tears swelled, you would awaken from your nap, come to me and lay your head upon my lap.  No words were spoken, but as your eyes look into mine, you were telling me that everything would be just fine. 
Friend, you have done well.  You were eager to learn, but more eager to please.  We worked together for hours to learn to retrieve, as you progressed from singles to triples, I realized that you were training me. You taught me patience, by showing me heart.  You showed me your ability to learn without threats of being hit or with a shock.  In return, all you ask for was a little playtime with the ball, just you and me.
We have traveled thousands of miles, memories all good, the nights we spent camped out and waiting for first light.  We have been fortunate because together, we were able to enjoy some great sights.
The past nine years have slipped by fast, but looking back old friend, we have had a blast. We have had some rough times, but we have also shared the good, with each event by my side you stood.

Happy Birthday To My Good Friend, "Dutch" 

Dutch Harbor Dutchman ~ "Dutch"
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Date of Birth: March 30, 2002 ~ Dutch Harbor, Alaska
May 18, 2002
Our First Day Together
My Birthday Present
Anchor Angler, Anchor Point, Alaska 

First Visit To Friends Home ~ Meryl Wolford

"Marking Retrieve In The Snow"

Anchor Point Beach Grass ~ Waiting For Release Signal For A Retrieve

Day At The Beach With His Buddy Ruger

"Playtime In The Snow"

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