Benghazi Raid  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Our Ambassador and his Aide was killed in this attack, but just as important there were two former Navy SEAL’s that sacrificed their lives in order that others could escape to the airport.  Until just a few years ago, very few American’s even know about the SEAL’s, which they and their family preferred.  There were two ex-Navy SEAL’s in Benghazi the morning of the raid.  They were both at a CIA Annex about a mile from the Consulate.  Hearing gunfire coming from the Consulate they requested permission to leave the annex and render assistance at the Consulate.  Three times, they were denied and told to “stand down”.  These two men were Tyrone (Ty) Woods and Chris Doherty.   Disobeying orders, they proceeded to the Consulate, arriving, they assisted a number of individuals in escaping and boarding a bus to the airport. They went back into the Consulate, under fire to find the Ambassador and his aide.  The remaining four would lose their life in the ensuing fire fight and from smoke inhalation inside the “safe room”.   If Chief Ty Woods and Chris Doherty were still on active duty they would be likely candidates for the Congressional Medal of Honor for their actions and disregard of their own lives to save others.  However, the two of them could be entitled to nomination of the Congressional Gold Medal which is the civilian equivalent to the Medal of Honor.
Chris Doherty served seven years in the Naval Service as a Navy SEAL.   Tyrone Snowden Woods was a Senior Chief Petty Officer in the Navy having served on active duty from 1990-2010 with SEAL Team 1, 3, and 5.  Retiring from active duty he became a private contractor.  Although, at the time of his death he was still in the Navy.  Military personnel that retire with 20 years of active duty, is still obligated to serve an additional ten years or any equivalent in the Fleet Reserve until a combined total of 30 years is completed.  They are subject to recall to active duty at any time.                        

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