News Bulletin  

Posted by Stan Harrington

o447, August 29th: If you are asleep, rest assured someone is keeping track of what is going on. Senator John McCain will announce today at noon in Dayton, Ohio as to who he will pick for his Vice President in Dayton, Ohio. This morning at 0010 (12:10 am) a private jet departed Ted Stevens International Airport. Reportedly, the jet aircraft was leased to a company that is associated with the McCain election committee. It landed at a airport thirty miles from Dayton, Ohio. Those departing the aircraft was a woman and two children in their teens. It now appears that Governor Sarah Palin will be the Republican selected to run as Vice President of the United States. Perhaps, you heard it here first.

A Walk In My Garden  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Although, we had a "cooler" than normal summer, taking my morning coffee in my perennial garden reminded me of the rapid growth rate they we do enjoy in Alaska. Although, my annuals, that I planted late this year, have been having a tough time at putting on their normal growth, the perennials are in their prime. Sitting on the bench, enjoying a good cup of coffee and watching the flowers grow, it gets no better than that.
The Delphiniums are beautiful this year, just starting to display their full blossoms.
This particular plant stands 7 Foot 8 Inches tall and the blossoms have yet to peak. The wire cage used to support them is four feet high.

"The Delphinium Forest"

The "White Delphiniums" are just now starting to bloom, they may well exceed the eight foot mark.
Blue Delphiniums

"Lillies and Rain Drops"

This is the first time that the "Bells" have blossomed as they were planted late last year. I love them, will just have to remember the name. Any help?

Red and Black Poppy, The Blue Poppies Have Finished For The Year


Posted by Stan Harrington

Darkness falls upon the Hole In the Wall. The Bears are nestled in their Den, their entry being guarded by their faithful "Ginger".

Our "yard chickens" with a very proud daddy strutting his stuff in front of his flock of ladies. (four other hens not in pictures)

Silver Strike  

Posted by Stan Harrington

I enjoyed the opportunity to appease the pallet with the first Silver Salmon of the season, smoked with a cold smoke of locally cut alder. Although, the Silver Salmon were Resurrection Bay enhanced Coho Salmon and not the quality of the wild Anchor River Silver Salmon. The light snack of smoked salmon washed down with a good quality beer not only satisfied my appetite but also whetted my appetite to go out and catch my own Silver Salmon.
Accompanied by my Grandson, Hunter Stanley, we fished the Dudas Hole where we hooked, but unfortunately lost our first Silver Salmon of the year. Later, we ventured down river into an area that I prefer not to fish, however, we struck Silver Salmon and once again the smoke house will be smoking a fresh batch of wild Anchor River Silver Salmon.

I would like to thank my benefactor for his generous donation of Resurrection Bay enhanced Coho Salmon, however, now that I have wild stock to enjoy I am forwarding the remaining portion of your fish and the remaining bottle of beer back to you. In beer, I prefer Miller Chill with my smoked salmon. A touch of lime flavor in the beer goes very well with the alder smoked flavor of the fish. You can expect your shipment on Wednesday. Bon appetite.