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Before anyone misinterprets the headline of this posting, it has nothing to do with any verbage or lines that you may have heard in the movie, "Lonesome Dove".
However, I must call upon those residing in the metropolitan area of LA or any other location other than Anchor Point or Homer, Alaska. Knowing that I have a seven grandchildren living in the LA area and each of them have a sweet tooth. Locating a source to acquire this product should be an easy task for them to accomplish.
Recently, I was made aware of this particular sweet delicacy. The name of it is SLOPOKE and just perhaps is one of the finest caramels that I have ever tasted. I have never seen the product on the shelves of our limited shopping facilities in this area. It is made in the USA, if Illinois is still in our union. The manufacturing company is on the Internet and they do advertise it as part of their product line. I surely could use a good supply it anyone happens to spot it in Wally World, Costco, Price Savers, and even perhaps a candy store!

The Changing Of The Season  

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The heavy rains of September have temporarily disappeared from the Doppler Radar. In their place, the Autumn season has arrived marked by the coloring of the leaves. It seems as if it was just yesterday, I watched the leaves burst from bud form and now they will disappear in anticipation of winter.

The past two days have been beautiful in the little village by the river. The crisp early morning air giving way to the warmth of the sun during the day. This morning when I ventured down to the "Hole In the Wall Recreation Area", the first thing that caught my attention was a wheelbarrow that had partially filled with rain water over the past week. This morning, a half inch of ice covered the surface.

The "fall" is also a good time to reflect back to the summer months. Despite, the weather it was a great summer. Oh, there are things that I would have liked to have done but nothing that cannot be put off until next year. This season, my life revolved around the "Hole In the Wall" and I have enjoyed every minute of the time spent on the various project. Very few days passed this summer that someone was not camping at the Hole In The Wall, a lot of firewood fed the non-stop fire pit, a lot of coffee consumed, and there was always a "cold one" just a few steps from the fire pit.

The "little ones" played hard and enjoyed being outside where their imaginations could go wild, the sand hill remains the most popular spot for their adventures. Adults also used their imaginations as well, somehow a moose puppet found it's way to the satellite dish receiver, blocking all signals to the television sets inside the Eagle Nest. One of the best practical jokes this year, even if it did cost me $150.00 to have the technician discover the problem and leave laughing with his check in hand. The most ingenious moments was when one of the mothers came up with a marvelous concept. After tiring of making "Kool-Aid" by the pitcher, she filled her fifty gallon water tank in her trailer with "Kool Aid" so the kids could help themselves by just turning on the faucet.

Time was taken to do a little fishing, the Moose Clan Guide did well in the marine waters of Cook Inlet for late run King Salmon and of course the Master did well on Anchor River during the Silver Salmon run. Remind me next spring to tell all of you the story about that 16.5 Silver Salmon that I won the derby with this year! In all, it was a great summer because we had the opportunity to share it with family and good friends.

Along with the joy of camping and sharing good times, we also accomplished so much work. This to was a family affair assisted by good friends. Although the work continues and will for sometime, we have accomplished part of the total concept of having a place to escape to and have a place for our "little ones" to build memories of the Anchor River, just as they were passed down to each of us. Thanks for the memories, everyone!

"Fall Colors"

The "Fire Pit" Is Quiet

Bear and Wolf Den

Let The Games Begin  

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The season is once again changing into the colors of fall and frost. This is the shortest of our seasons, so it will soon turn to winter. Turning my thoughts to winter, it is once again time to start the Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament. This week, commencing Wednesday, September 24th we will start the 3rd Annual Holiday Classic Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament. This thirteen week tournament will continue until December 17th with the Championship Round being played the following evening on December 18th.

This is a free tournament sponsored by the Anchor River Inn in Anchor Point. There are no cash prizes, side bets, or any other method of exchanging money as it is illegal in Alaska. However, each player will start with a "bank" of $3,250.00 in chips each game. When the "bank" has been expended, the player is eliminated from further play. The game will continue until one player has won all of the chips. When the field of players are eliminated to the last eight, points will be earned dependent on what place you finish. As an example, going out in 5th place you earn 20 points where the person winning the weekly tournament earns 100 points. For each accumulated point, you get the equivalent of $5.00 in chips per point in the Championship Round in addition to your normal weekly "buy" in of $3,250.

In the Championship Round, prizes and trophies will be awarded to the top finishers. It is a great social time, we have a good representation of males, females, experienced players, and those learning the game. Games start each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., there is no "late" seating in the game. If you happen to be in Anchor Point on a Wednesday evening and wanting to have a little fun, you are always welcome to join in. If you miss playing the Holiday Classic Tournament, the "Winter Class Texas Hold'em Tournament will be held January through February followed by the 3rd Annual King Salmon Texas Hold'em Tournament from March to mid May. Deal'em up!

"Things To Do On My Bucket List"  

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Having a rather long "bucket list", I figure that I am going to be around for a long time. However, today, I discovered two things that I want to include on my personal "bucket list". I have never been a good athlete, a little boxing in high school and the Navy, but for the most part they involved a lot of work which I had an allergy to when I was a teenager. However, I have finally found a "sport" that I think I can compete in. "Senior Citizen Body Building Competition". It was only recently brought to my attention and it is an annual event. By working out a little, I could possibly qualify. Most likely, before I qualify for the big "Texas Hold'em Tournament in Las Vegas.

The second thing that I have added to my "bucket list" is to acquire a couple of "wiener dogs" from somewhere, train them to keep up with my retriever on the run and enter them in national races. The next race that I know of is being held in Buda, Texas on April 26, 2009. It will be the 10th Annual running of the "wieners". I know of of a couple of "wieners" that could be potential winners if someone was standing at the end of the track with a large poster of the Anchor River Inn. A lot of Alaskan Dogs have won the Iditirod and the Yukon Quest, but how many "wieners" have ever won a national race. Now is the time to start training. Up at 5 am, six days a week running them for a mile each day. Increasing their diet to Prime Rib or at least a good New York steak followed by a one hour run on the treadmill in the evening followed by a good massage. By April, they should be ready to run. To mentally prepare yourself and the "wiener dogs", perhaps you should visit the linked site and see what your potential is for picking a winner in the running of the wieners.

No Control  

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There are two things in my life at the present time that I have no control over, other than to complain and kick a few rocks in frustration. The first is the rain, we are into our fall season, however, only a few of our trees are showing any fall colors. In Anchor Point, we have not had a frost to date, which is unusual because this has always occurred in August. Instead, we have had rain, then some more rain and as of late a lot of rain. Being that it is 9/17/2008, I reviewed the data for this month to date. Out of the seventeen days of September, we have received precipitation thirteen days of this month. Frustrating to say the least when you you have a list of chores to accomplish prior to October 15th. I have no control over the weather, so I will sit by in the idle mode, awaiting for a day of semi-sunshine even a day of clouds would be nice change.

The second thing that I surely have no control, however, I do not intend to mend my ways. I will still drive and I will continue to purchase fossil fuels and hold no fantasy that any of the alternative fuels will occur in the near future. I figure, I will be driving on gasoline the remainder of my lifetime. I checked on the gas prices today, keeping in mind that the State of Alaska is no longer taxing gasoline as of September 1, 2008. The price of crude oil has dropped from a high of $137.11 a barrel on July 4, 2008 to $98.53 on September 12, 2008. A decrease of $38.58 in the span of slightly over two months.

Now, this is where the "fuzzy math" comes in which I have a hard time of getting a grasp on the problem. I have used Anchorage as a basis of my calculations since the cheapest gas prices can be found in this metropolitan area. Today, the lower prices in Anchorage ranged from $4.13 to $4.15 a gallon. The higher priced stations were charging from $4.25 to $4.33 per gallon. Locally, in Anchor Point we are getting gas at $4.49 a gallon.

One year ago today, the average low gas price in Anchorage was $2.83 per gallon. Using the lowest price ($4.13) available in comparing the past year, that is a increase of $1.30 per gallon. The concept of math disappears when you look at the crude prices. On September 12, 2008 the price of crude was $98.53 per barrel. On September 14, 2007 the price for a barrel of crude was $73.23 making a difference of $25.30 in this one year period. Oil prices went up $25.30 a barrel and gasoline increased $1.30 per gallon. In this case scenario, if the oil companies were making money in 2007 how much are they making this current year?

Don't even get me started on what the stock market is doing and how many major banks and financial institutions have been bailed out by the government over the past 48 hours. Seems we as tax payers can bail out the airlines, auto industry, housing lenders, Freddie Mac, Fannie May, and now the banks. The banks and major lending institutions are the ones that approved the big home loans with no documentation of income and inflated housing prices. Their fault, we as taxpayers should not have to bail them out. Does anyone recall about a year ago when Bank of America was actively advertising that they would make home loans to illegal aliens and they did not even have to show up with a social security number to secure a loan. Does anyone recall the adjustable home interest rate, get in at a low rate for a house you could not afford and then the interest rates start to increase on a daily basis. Who was there to bail out the homeowner, no one. The banks took back the property and sold the paper to the larger institutions.

O.K., there are three things in my life right now that frustrates me. I am going out on my deck, start a camp fire in my driveway, strip down to a loin cloth and do a "no-rain" dance.

Nightly News Items That You Never Hear  

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Nightly news item that you may not see on the mainstream media. This picture is unique, sitting on the lap of this pretty blond is the shortest person in the world that can walk. His name is Pingping and when standing, he is 2 feet 5.37 inches tall. Why is he sitting oh her lap, well when they are both standing he can look up her dress!

The ladies name is Svetlana Pankratova, formerly from Russia but now living in Spain. Her claim to fame is that for a woman, she has the longest legs in the world. Her inseam is 52 inches in length and complains that she finds it difficult to find pants that fit her - I wonder why?

In Texas, following hurricane "Ike" the commercial set netters have given up their nets and are now using chain link fencing to capture the run.

While the set netters are busy picking fish, the local Fish and Game officers are kept busy calling those on the "list" for road killed fish. There seems to be more fish and there are people on the list.

Broncos and Mans Best Friend  

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If you are a football fan or even if you have no interest in the game, the Sunday afternoon game between the Denver Bronco's and San Diego Chargers was one of the most entertaining football games that I have seen in a long time. As most know, I am an ardent fan of the Denver Bronco's.

The Chargers and the Bronco's are in the same division, AFC West so they play each other twice a season. In the past three outings, San Diego has beaten Denver. Second game of this season, the Chargers would visit Mile High Stadium (It is still Mile High Stadium to me). The first half of the game, Denver had their way with the Chargers going into halftime with a sizable lead. In the third quarter, the Chargers took over and into the fourth quarter took the lead from Denver. In the closing minutes, San Diego scored a touchdown which brought the score to San Diego 38, Denver 31. With two minutes remaining in the game, Denver received the ball on their goal line and had to go the distance of the field. Through a couple of breaks, they scored a touchdown with seconds to go, making the score San Diego 38, Denver 37. Kicking the point after touchdown is all the needed to do to tie the game and send it into overtime. Instead, Coach Shanahan called for a two point conversion placing a lot of confidence in his young quarterback. Jay Cutler threaded the ball between two defensive players to a rookie receiver for the two point conversion, winning the game. The prudent play would have been to kick the point after, had the pass played failed, Denver would have lost the game by a point. After the second week of the season, the Bronco's remain undefeated, winning both games from their division rivals, the Raiders and the Chargers.
I came across this on the news wire this evening and since most of us are dog lovers, I thought I would share the story in the event you do not see it in the news. The 911 dispatcher in Scottsdale, Arizona answered a 911 call and all they heard was a dog whining and barking. Noting the address, they dispatched a patrol car to investigate. Upon their arrival at the address, they could hear the dog barking inside the house where they found the owner unconscious after suffering a seizure. He was rushed to the hospital and has recovered. The dogs name is "Buddy", a 18 month old German Shepard. The owner, suffered a head injury several years ago in a military training exercise and has a history of having seizures. Buddy was adopted by his owner from "Paws With A Cause" in Michigan. He was trained by this organization for this purpose, trained to dial 911 on the telephone when his master had a seizure. The dispatcher was not totally surprised, the owners address is flagged in the computer that "Buddy" was at this address and was capable of calling 911. They have had experience in the past with "Buddy", this was the third time that he has used the phone to alert them that his master was undergoing a seizure. Way to go "Buddy". I would try to teach my buddy, "Dutch" how to use the phone, but I am afraid he would run up the bill looking for a girlfriend. Might as well put in a little advertisement, if anyone knows of a registered female, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, we are looking for lady friend for "Dutch", we have the puppy itch.

Trivia Music  

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This is a trivia question for those that like to pursue such trivial matters. However, the rules must be adhered to. Once you have made you guess, without the aid of looking it up on the Internet first, enter your answer in the comment section and then return to this site and click on the link to find the correct answer.

The question is: In the past forty eight years (48) what is the number one single, Rock and Roll song ever recorded and who was the artist as documented by Billboard Magazine.


Pitbull vs Pig  

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At the recent, Republican National Convention, the evening that Governor Sarah Palin was presenting her acceptance speech, she noticed some signs in the audience stating "Hockey Moms For Sarah". The Governor went off script and ad libbed the line, "Do you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick!
Governor Sarah Palin

American Pit Bull

Today, Senator Obama while making a political presentation, he remained on script and made the comment; "If a Pig wears lipstick, it is still a Pig"

Senator Obama

A Pig With A Touch Of Lipstick

Now you can interpret that comment anyway you so choose. Personally I find it degrading in that it makes a known reference to Governor Palin in comparing her to a pig. Is this the same candidacy that was going to change the political campaign and talk issues, with no smear campaigning? If he and his campaign are intimidated by a "hockey" mom, how are they going to react the first time he has to make a stand on an issue that threatens us as a nation. I do not want him answering the phone at 3:00 a.m. on my behalf. No Thank You.

Reality After Thirty Five Years  

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Before I launched into these thoughts, first allow me to say that I firmly believe in the fact that man and woman are equals. Deserving of the same opportunities, same wage scale, and same rights as those given to men. In the 1960's, I grew up in the Navy during the civil rights movement. On my first naval vessel as a young seaman, the leading Petty Officer in my Division was Boatswain Mate 1st Class, John Payne, prior to his Naval Service, he had been raised in Georgia and was white. The Assistant Leading Petty Officer in the Division, was also a Boatswain Mate First Class, C.C. Anderson. He two was from the State of Georgia and was black. They set the example for civil rights, in the four years that I served with them them, the subject of race or equality never entered their leadership or personal lives. Carl Anderson would become my mentor.

Moving forward to the 1970's and completing my sea duty, I volunteered for Navy Recruiting duty and was assigned to a one man office in western Colorado. I recruited in the small ranching communities of western Colorado as well as the Ute and Navajo Indian Reservations. At this time, the opportunities were very limited in the naval service for women. They could not be assigned to duty aboard a ship or aircraft squadron that deployed to sea and only a few entry level jobs were made available to them. These jobs were predominantly in the clerical and personal service ratings, with very few openings. The one question on medical questionnaires that I will always remember was asked only of the women seeking enlistment. The question being, "have you ever had sexual intercourse?" If they answered "yes" to that question, it was automatically disqualifying. No such question was ask of the men seeking enlistment. During these times, there were no single or married mothers that were accepted for enlistment.

Approximately 1973, a movement started across our nation. Ladies started taking off their bras and throwing them in the wood stoves, fireplaces, or any other type of fire they could find. It commonly became known as the "Woman's Liberation Movement". Although, it did take some time, doors started opening for women in career fields and equalization. In time, the Navy would also change and eventually open up all jobs for women, assignment to ships, and actively began recruiting them. Although greatly improved, the women are still not seen as equal to men in many areas. In 1984, the first woman was nominated as the Democrat Party nominee for Vice President. Despite, the leadership and organization of the "Women's Liberation Movement", the election was lost to the Republican Party.

This morning upon awakening, I discovered that the entire equality movement for women was a pretense and was intended to apply only to the chosen few. The news of the morning, including that first woman Vice President nominee Geraldine Ferraro who stated that the same leadership that supported her would not support Governor Sarah Palin. Simply because she did not have the experience to hold the office, a mother of five and should be there to care for her children. I can only assume, that the movement that started thirty five years ago was not intended for all women, only those selected few that had passed the litmus test of the movement leadership. Geraldine Ferraro was the Vice President nominee and ran with Walter Mondale in 1984. Loosing by a landslide to President Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush. She would later loose two campaigns for the U.S. Senate but would serve as the U.S. Ambassador in the Clinton Administration. This past year, she was a staff member on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Being in favor of equal rights for all, I can only assume if you have a "D" after your name instead of a "R" or "I", you are eligible for additional support of the movement leadership. If not, then you are just a woman and should stay home. Perhaps, this same group would like you to relinquished your right to vote, unless it is on a Democratic ticket.

Thoughts To Ponder  

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I have linked the video of Senator Freed Thompson and his presentation at the Republican National Convention last evening. I referred to this presentation last evening on my blog site Political Prattle . It is a verifiable and representative portrayal of Senator John McCain, his character and dedication to his country. As a warning, this video is 27 minutes in length, pour yourself a cup of coffee or pop a top on a brew, relax and perhaps some questions that you have about retired Navy Captain, John McCain will be answered. Perhaps, it will give you an opportunity to understand and appreciate his patriotism and why he is labeled as a "maverick".

Jerry Reed  

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This afternoon, 9/2/08, at the age of 71 country western singer Jerry Reed passed away. Although, Jerry Reed was one of the greats when it came to playing the guitar he will always be remembered for his role as a truck driver in "Smokey and the Bandit" (Burt Reynolds, Sally Fields) series of movies.


Jerry Reed started his music career at a young age. Dropping out of high school to go "on the road" with country music greats, Ernest Tubb and Farron Young. Although, he was a "Grammy Winner" and had a number of billboard hits, he was best known for his ability as a writer. He wrote a number of songs for Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Brenda lee, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole.

For those of you that enjoy driving vehicles carrying a Chevrolet or concerned about our high fuel prices and pollution, you may enjoy this next song.


I have finally found time to post on one of my other sites, Political Prattle. This posting addresses Governor Palin and the current Presidential campaign.