To My "Buddy" ~ Happy Birthday  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Dutch Harbor Dutchman
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Sire: Redventure's Artful Dodger

Dam: Nibiru's Molly
Born: March 30, 2002

Birthplace: Dutch Harbor, Alaska


My Buddy "Dutch", today is your 8th Birthday, the time has slipped past so rapidly. I chose you sight unseen based only on the observations of Jerry, the owner of your mother and father. I saw you for the first time on May 18, 2002 at the Anchorage International Airport, when I opened the kennel that you and your sister shared. Despite several other people standing there, you came directly to me and our bond was formed.

During the basic obedience and retriever training that pursued, I often wondered to myself, "who was training who". You always seemed to be several steps ahead of me and so eager to learn and to please. During these eight years, we have shared so many memories and have covered many miles. Disregarding the local trips around Alaska that we have made together, we have also traveled over 27,000 miles covering three provinces of Canada and eighteen states.

Most importantly, we have formed a bond between us that is built on trust and love. Whether it is just laying at my feet, using my foot as pillow, or your vocalizing your "toller howl" when I walk through the door after leaving you at home.

We have had some great times, but we have also had some very difficult times in the past eight years. During those times you were always there for me. In times of sorrow, when tears would fill my eyes, you seemed to always sense it, laying your head on my lap, looking up at me with those beautiful eyes, as if to tell me, "it will be all right, I am here for you". You have asked for so little, yet have given so much in return.

Happy Birthday "Dutch" ~ You Are Special

"Dutch's Mother ~ "Molly"

May 18, 2002 ~ Anchor Angler Tackle Shop

"Six Months Old"

Winter 2005

Winter 2006

Winter 2008

"Retrieving On The Anchor River"

"Let's Go Huntin"

"More Memories To Build On, In The Future"

My Country  

Posted by Stan Harrington

There are those that question, "why don't the younger people take more of an interest in government, politics, and vote?

I have asked myself those same questions, however, the answer become very clear to me on Sunday past. I was never so appalled and ashamed of my country as I was on Sunday evening. I saw the Constitution Of Our United States disregarded and trampled on the floor of Congress. Neither House of Congress nor the White House listened to the majority of America. "When no one listens why should we take an interest."

I shared similar feelings when President Jimmy Carter allowed our Embassy in Iran to be overtaken by radical Iranians. Fifty three Americans were held hostage for 444 days from 11/4/1979 to 1/20/1981. The hostages were released within hours of President Reagan taking the Oath of Office as President of the United States.

I also felt these same feeling on October 12, 2000 when the U.S.S. Cole (DDG67) was attacked in Aden, Yemen killing seventeen sailors and wounding thirty-nine others. The attack on the U.S.S. Cole was conducted by Al-Qaeda. Although an attack on a U.S. Naval vessel is an act of war, President Clinton made no response. Less, than one year later on 9/11/2001, Al-Qaeda struck again.

In my lifetime, these are the three times that I have been disappointed in my country, two in the time of attacks on U.S. interest and the third of the corrupt politics that have been displayed in both houses of Congress during the debate and passage of a medical bill that the majority of America are not in favor as it is currently written.

I have no problem with some type of universal health plan, however, take it one page at a time and get it right. First correct the government health plans that are already in affect; Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Medical Benefits. The same plan as designed by our leadership is similar to the plans in Europe, Canada, Massachusetts, and California. All of them having difficulty meeting their goals and currently the two states are on the brink of bankruptcy.

Perhaps, the last show in Congress will awaken America, but until we clean up the mess in both Houses of Congress it will be for naught. We need to go back to the basics of the Constitution with Bills being passed by simple majority, eliminate earmarks, and any other matter not pertaining to the bill in question.

The Health Bill that will be signed into law today by the President at an estimated cost of one trillion dollars to our national deficit also has a second Bill attached. The "rider" Bill will also be signed into law. No discussion, just attached, passed, and sent on as part of the major legislation. However, this particular Bill is only going to cost 61 billion dollars for student loans, with 4 billion dollars reserved for black colleges and universities.

It Is Time For America To Awaken

Kacehmak Bay ~ Homer, Alaska  

Posted by Stan Harrington

A beautiful winter day on Kachemak Bay. Typical of Kachemak Bay, float ice will build up on the leeward side of the Homer Spit. The Homer Harbor located at the tip of the Homer spit is the hub of the marine industry of Homer.

"Tip Of The Homer Spit"
"Where The Land Ends and The Sea Begins"

"Gulls Feeding In The Ice Field"

"Ice Field East Of The Homer Spit"

"Commercial Cod Boat Going To Sea"

Coast Guard Buoy Tender "Hickory"
Starboard Side To The Homer Dock

"Breaking Out Of The Homer Harbor"

"The Homer Harbor"

Blizzard of 2010  

Posted by Stan Harrington

For the past 24 hours, our little world has been designated by the National Weather Service to be the lucky ones to feel the wrath of a Blizzard Advisory. I feel very fortunate that they advised us in advance. Throughout the past night, we had winds hitting peak gusts of 50 - 65 knots with light snow as the low moved over us.

Come first light, the heavy winds calmed to gusts of 25 to 40 knots, however, this particular low was moving in a circular motion. In time, it would return with fury. For the past five hours, we have seen moderate to heavy snowfall with wind gusts exceeding 50 knots as the main low once again passes overhead. Whiteout conditions continue to exist.

The first thing you learn in weather like we are currently experiencing is to just "hunker down" and wait it out. Knowing that once it passes, you will have plenty of windshield time to move the snow from one spot to another. Currently, we have about seven inches of "new" snow if you can find a level spot to measure. Drifting is always a problem associated with snow and heavy wind, some of these are exceeding several feet.

The second thing you learn in weather like we are currently experiencing is to have a good woman to shovel the snow. What a tough little woman. I got cold just standing at the windows and taking pictures of her efforts. Looking at these pictures, reminds me that I have an item to add to my "To Do List" and that is to get her a new shovel. Don't get me wrong, when it stops snowing, I will do my part and put in 6 - 7 hours of windshield time as I plow our driveway, parking areas, and the family campground. I would do the decks for the "little lady" but I can't get the truck upon the decks.

If you have lived in Alaska long enough, you learn that you should never get between a cow moose and her calf or calves. They can prove to be more dangerous than a bear. However, there is one animal that is more dangerous than a cow moose with calves. That is a cow moose in her final two months of pregnancy. You do not have to look at her stomach or even her bag to tell if she is pregnant, just look at her eyes. Some say that all female species get this look when they are in the "family way", but I do not know anything about that. The morning following the taking of this picture, this cow chased our "visually handicapped" dog across the lawn. She happened to be bedded down in the trees, evidently to his right as he cannot see in that direction. He had not barked or even aware that she was in the area. She was just in one of her "moods" and at that point, anything that resemble the male specie was not safe.

America Can Be Saved  

Posted by Stan Harrington

The "Link" attached to this posting is 20 minutes in length. It is going to take some time to download and to view. I would suggest that you open it and while it is downloading tab the site and go about your "daily" Internet chores. Make yourself a cup of coffee and when it has completed downloading, sit back and watch the video without interruption. It is well worth the "watch" and perhaps some of your questions pertaining to our times will be answered.

I watched Glen Beck do this presentation on his nightly program tonight. I was going to paraphrase it in writing, but it would have lacked the "body language" and sincerity that he delivered to the presentation. For parents with children in the school system, perhaps his words will shed a little light.


For me, he caught my attention with "The Old Chair" and my personal philosophy that history is very important in our lives. I to, had an "Old Chair" having inherited when I became the Leading Petty Officer of Third Division on the the U.S.S. Shangri-La. The "chair and I made a North Atlantic Cruise and one Mediterranean Sea cruise. When I transferred from the Shangri-La, the "Chair" went with me.
My "Chair" and I remained together for the next sixteen years in the Navy. We would have two shore tours of duty in Alaska, serve on two ships (U.S.S. Ponchatula and U.S.S. Coral Sea), making two Western Pacific cruises. It would transfer with me to Colorado on recruiting duty for the U.S. Navy and to an aircraft squadron in Whidby Island. Upon, my retirement from the Navy in 1983, the "Chair" also retired to my home office. For the next twenty years, it would sit behind my desk at the Anchor Angler. The "Chair" and I had over forty years together, both slightly worn but a lot of memories. I miss "My Chair", but I know it is in good hands as my youngest daughter has it in her home office.

Musical History  

Posted by Stan Harrington

As a child, about the time of the introduction of Elvis Presley, I recall hearing the "grown-ups" discuss the current problems of the world, primarily focusing on the younger generation. The most common remark was "the new generation are not worth a damm". Taking into consideration, these were the folks had survived "the Great Depression, World War II, and Korea. They were the "Great Generation" and have my deepest respect and admiration.

A few days ago, I heard a popular song and after listening to it for 4.5 minutes, I realized that I had only recognized a maximum of three words. With the electronic sound mixer in the background going at full blast and the vocalist sounding as if he had swallowed the microphone, I remembered the conversations of the "Great Generation".

Peaking my curiosity, I chose one uncommon subject and found a piece of music that was representative to my era as a teenager and "true rock and roll". I then looked at music in the near past for a song representing the present or 48 years following the release of my first chosen song. Perhaps there is some validity to music history as an indicator to the changing of times.

Click On Each Song And Form Your Own Opinion