Entrepreneurial Spirit  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Having been involved in the private business sector for many years, I have enjoyed the independence that it gives you rather than working for someone else. To start a business is simple, it takes just a dream or a concept to meet a market that no one else is adequately providing.

Although, I am trying to eliminate my responsibilities as a business owner, I look around and there are so many opportunities just waiting to be discovered. For instance, just 10 - 15 years ago who would have ever thought that the consumer would be willing to shell out $3.50 to $5.00 for a cup of specialty coffee.

Recently, I came up with a concept that I feel deserves merit for consideration. A business that can be established with minimum cash reserves and limited space. A converted garage could even be utilized dependent on your location. The market potential is non expiring and something that is needed in every location. With very little effort, this particular business could be developed into a franchise.
The market is the most important factor. The most important and valuable item that a family has is their children. As the parents get older, their children leave home and at some point in their lives they adopt pets. This is always a problem, especially if the retired couple have any desire to travel. The age old question, what do we do with the pets?

Any working couple will tell you how expensive day care is and if you have ever boarded a dog at a kennel, you also know the cost involved with this. The concept is a multi-purpose business catering to both day care for children and the kenneling of dogs, cats or other small animals. They are compatible and based on the size of your business, one person could easily care for a combined quantity of 20 - 30 occupants per day at $25.00 per eight hours for each boarding participant. A daily gross of $750.00 per eight hour day could be achieved. On a monthly basis, the gross would come in at $22,500.00 per month or at 25% operating costs, a net of $16,875.00 per month. This is based solely on an 8 hour day. When was the last time you found a baby sitter that would care for your child for eight hours at $3.13 per hour?

How does one person care for 30 children, dogs and cats by themselves, that is the beauty of this business plan. You install a large screen television so you can watch your favorite shows or a computer so you can do your daily blogging, knowing that those you are responsible for are safe, secure and in a clean environment.

Holiday Prattles  

Posted by Stan Harrington

With the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend coming to a close, I can now start concentrating on my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas. Had a very nice Thanksgiving. I ate so much turkey this year! I did not realize how much I had consumed until this afternoon while outside playing ball with "Dutch". Feeling a touch a gastric build up and with no one being around, I sparked off a "Flatulent Disorder". It even scared me, it sounded like a flock of gobbling wild turkeys! Although, he is a highly trained retriever, Dutch has never been exposed to turkeys so he headed to the safety of the underside of the old snow plow truck. I did not think anything about it until a few minutes later, three shot gun toting hunters came wandering through the yard looking for a flock of turkeys that they had heard. Sure glad the "Golden Granny" decided not to bake a ham to go along with the turkey. But it did give me a good idea for duck season next year. I will eat a half dozen ducks before I go hunting and then I will not have to use a duck call.

We have commenced our preparation for Christmas, Sissy and Butch were down from LA for Thanksgiving, I heard Sissy putting the con on her grandmother on Thanksgiving morning. The following day, the Christmas tree appeared from the basement. The 25th was spent decorating the Christmas tree, but they had a grand time putting on all the trim, so much for the tradition that the tree was not go up until after the birth date of the Bull Moose.

The Bear Clan was also out for Thanksgiving dinner, you will never recognize Blonde Bear, I have never seen anyone grow as fast as she has. She is four inches taller than she was this past summer. We had a tough football game to watch that evening, our favorite team lost, again! Hey, there is always next year and we still have a shot at a wild card spot in the play offs, you just have to be flexible to be a Bronco fan.

Has been a very slow news weekend, why is it that no news ever happens on holidays? All the top news commentators take the holiday weekends off. Who takes it upon themselves to cancel the news?

In fact the news was so sparse this weekend, the only thing of interest I could find was the following;

The pictures of the dogs were taken at a recent dog show in Japan, the cat was not in the competition but just happened to wander in to see what was going on when thirty nine of the these little ankle nippers took after it. The cat won the jumping competition but they could not find her to award her the ribbon. Not that I am a jealous type person, but I see these little cross breeds between dog and cat getting international attention because they jump over a bar that is about six inches off the floor. The last dog show that "Dutch" was in, he won Best of Show by clearing two four foot fences while retrieving a duck decoy. He never got his international fame and glory! Don't the Dog shows in Anchor Point, Alaska count?

Speaking of dogs, who does this remind you of?

I must start preparing for Christmas, I have to start composing my annual Christmas letter, so much to tell, so little time and space.


Posted by Stan Harrington

On this Thanksgiving Day and throughout the Year, this is what I am most thankful for, a great family that extends over five generations, all living within driving distance of one another, still talk to each other on a daily basis, play together, and always there to lend a helping hand to their family, and not afraid to say "I Love You".


Posted by Stan Harrington

We once again enter the eve of Thanksgiving. Prior to working a shift this evening, I spent the day in the kitchen preparing the traditional platters of fresh fudge. I accomplished the task early this year, normally this all takes place under the cover of darkness and into the wee hours of the following morning. I am done and now mentally preparing myself for the consumption of my favorite foods, candy, pie, turkey and mashed spuds with giblet gravy.

To thoroughly prepare ourselves for the big feast, we did host a small get together for friends on Sunday evening. The prelude included all the ingredients except for the pre-dinner fudge. Family was not included, however, the only male member of the Bear Clan somehow caught wind of the "big feed" and showed up unannounced and looking for a free handout, according to him, "I just happened to be in the neighborhood".

Thanksgiving and Christmas always brings back fond memories of the past, they were always special days in our home when I was growing up and to this day many of the traditions continue. Last winter, while outside, my niece and nephew gave me a Cook Book that was in my mothers belongings. It was produced by the Homer Homemakers Club in 1967. Today, while leafing through the cookbook, looking at the names of the past, I came across two handwritten recipes on scraps of paper. I immediately recognized the handwriting of my mother. I do not know if any of you can recall having it at your grandparents home, it was always so good and I thought the recipe had been lost. It is as follows as she wrote it:
Fruit Cake (Unbaked)
"1. In a 3 qt pan heat 2/3 cup Pet Milk 2 cups miniture marshmellows 6 table spoon orange juice remove from heat.
2. Stir in 3/4 cups dates 3/4 cup raisens 1 cup nuts 1 cup mixed candied fruit mix 4 cups graham cracker crumbs 1 tsp cinnimon 1 tsp nutmeg
3. Press into a lined pan & chill 2 days Makes 3 lb"

Thanks for the memories mom!

Community Review  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Now that we have a regular visitor to our blog sites, perhaps it would be a good time to learn a little about the communities outside of our own paradise of Alaska.
Wamsutter, Wyoming is located adjacent to Interstate 80 at Exit 173. It is a small community, the latest census reports indicates a population of 750 people residing in the immediate area.
Recently, Wamsutter came to the national attention with the "boom" of the development of gas wells in the area, the predominant industry. Currently, the local labor force is not strong enough to provide enough employees, consequently they are being recruited nation wide to move to Wamsutter.
Prior to the upheaval of your family and you go dashing off to Wamsutter to build your assets, you may want to consider the assets that are availalble in the area. Mayor Hippe, which should tell you something did an extensive interview pertaining to the community. Wamsutter is approximately 130 years old, first being founded by the railroad in 1886. Prior to the development of the oil and gas fields, the area was predominantly ranching and the capture of the wild horses that inhabited the area. In your planning stages, you may want to consider that there is a current housing shortage. Approximately 98% of the population of Wamsutter lives in mobile homes. Shopping and other services that the majority of us take for granted, really do not exist. The truck stop appears to be the focal point of the community along with one bar. In Wamsutter, there is no grocery store, no bank, no high school, no doctor, and no cemetery. I assume once they get a doctor, they will then need to locate a cemetery. If you are planning on dying, don't move to Wamsutter. Like our smaller communities in Alaska, you can find these services by traveling to Rawlins (40 miles) or to Rock Springs (70 miles).
After a review of Wamsutter, Wyoming I do not want to hear any additional snide comments about Anchor Point, Alaska. We also have no doctor, but we do have a cemetery, a professional golf course and most importantly we have trees and water.


Posted by Stan Harrington

Just a friendly reminder that you only have thirty one days to prepare for this show of unity for global peace. The organizers, Sheehan and Reffell of San Francisco wish to have "a synchronized global orgasm, they hope to get people to channel their sexual energy into something more positive." "Our dream is to have everyone in the world take part and if that means laying down your gun for a few minutes, then hey, all the better."

News Week  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Hi, my name is Stan, I am a news junkie! I thoroughly enjoy the news, it is interesting, at times even humorous, and on rare occasion educational. However, if you accept things at face value or as represented by the source, you may have a problem.
For instance, is it just me or are there others out there that really do not give a damm if Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes got married? Who cares about the lavish castle in Italy where they held their wedding or their honeymoon to the tropical paradise of Tahiti. Why is this news worthy and how will it affect my life? I would have been more interested in the closing price of Pepsi on the stock exchange, that really affects my life! I am really tired of seeing their pictures.

Several years ago, the nation was glued to the television networks as we watched the O.J. Simpson trial. For eighteen months, whether we wanted it or not we were enlightened with trials and tribulations of O.J. Simpson. Now, because he writes a book "IF I Killed My Wife, This Is How I Would Have Done It", we will once again get to review all the court tapes, get all of the opinions a second time, and in our own minds the same conclusions that were rendered several years ago. You are guilty, you got a "Do Not Go to Jail Card" and I do not want to hear anymore about you. Take the 3.5 million dollar book deal and go away! Although, I do find it ironic that O.J. is found guilty of the deaths of two people by a civil court, the family is awarded $30 million dollars in the wrongful death suit of which Mr. Simpson has not paid a penny. Today, he remains in the Professional Football Hall of Fame as an inspiration to our youngsters.

Is there any particular reason that we really need San Francisco in our United States. There is a large number of military installations in and around the area of San Francisco including a large number of naval ships homeported there. These establishments pour billions of dollars into the local SF economy. However, time after time, their city council has demonstrated their anti-military attitudes. The latest ruling that came from their council was the elimination of all Jr. Reserve Officer Training Corps classes in their high schools. These are the same classes that you have in the high schools in the LA area, Army, Navy, and Air Force are represented in each of your schools. They are volunteer classes and fully funded by the Department of Defense, including the instructor positions. However, the San Francisco City Council feels that these classes put unwanted influence on the students and their rights. However, the establishment of "Gay" Clubs are permitted. Today, I read that two peace activists have planned a massive anti-war demonstration on the first day of winter in San Francisco. But, the two activists do not want you marching in the streets, they would much rather you stay at home. As quoted, "The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by Donna Sheehan, 76 and Paul Reffell, 55, whose immodest goal is for everyone in the world to have an orgasm December 22nd while focusing on world peace" I am really sorry, I did not make this up! At any rate, I know what I am going to be doing on December 22nd but I do not know if I will be able to focus on world peace at the same time! I do know that any future travel plans that I have will not include the San Francisco area.

News items to watch in the future includes one that Representative Charles Rangel, Democrat, New York State announced today. When the new congressional session opens, he will introduce a bill to "Reinstate the Draft". It is my humble opinion that Rep Rangel is an idiot. He has introduced this same legislation in the past in order to stir the masses of the younger people who would be acceptable to the draft. This introduction is strictly a method to fuel the fire of the anti-military and anti-war movement. The last time he introduced this same legislation was 1n 2002, it was soundly defeated by a house vote of 402 - 2, he voted against his own legislation. I think it is also time for Charlie to go away.

The good news is that it is almost Thanksgiving and the ten days of the National Rodeo Finals will commence on December 1st, my two favorites once again qualified for the finals, Eddie Etbauer in the bronc riding and Fred Whitfield in calf roping. Updates to follow!

A belated happy Birthday to my younger brother today, if 51 is young! Happy Birthday Brother, would have mailed you a card but I don't know the address to your truck.

Monkey Business  

Posted by Stan Harrington

New technology has been developed in the harvest of coconuts in southern Thailand. They have now trained a total of 1,200 monkeys to complete the harvest of their crops. These are just not your ordinary specie of monkey, they are the pig-tailed macaques. Through their developed training standards, they have trained the monkeys to climb the trees, pick the coconuts and let them fall to the ground. I had always assumed that this was a natural instinct, however, these trained monkeys work ten times faster than man, a single monkey harvesting up to 300 coconuts per day. With the initial concept, the monkeys worked long hours for very little in return, however, you train a monkey and there is no limit to their ability to learn. They have now filed petitions to unionize under the control of the International Brotherhood of Coconut Pickers. Until now, the monkeys were quite content in picking coconuts all day and at the days completion, being tied to the truck for the long ride home. With the likelihood of the IBCW, a portion of the initial trained squad of 1,200 monkeys now want to join the Teamsters so they can drive their own trucks, thus elimination of the middle man, the human! Does anyone remember who was the first U.S. Astronaut that traveled into space?
Perhaps, we in the U.S. could also learn from this experience. As we all know, we have had problems with illegal immigration on our southern border. This illegal immigration initially started with those coming across the border to harvest crops in the U.S. Today, the majority of our major crops are still being harvested by illegals. If a monkey can be trained to climb a palm tree and harvest coconuts, picking strawberries, apples, cherries, oranges, lettuce and an assorted other crops should be very simply accomplished. The will work cheaper than the illegals and definitely lesson the tax burden on all of us. The only burden that I see being placed on us when we use the phone to call some company, we will likely have three options, Press (1) for English, Press (2) Espanola, Press (3) Monkey. The concept is boundless and provides many thoughts to ponder!

Interstate Prattle  

Posted by Stan Harrington

There are a number of places much colder than the "Little Village By the River". i.e. in LA and the Silicon Valley! However, there are more places that are warmer and as I sit here tonight, listening to wind howling off shore from the majestic Cook Inlet, I pause to wonder "why the hell ain't I in one of those warm spots". Mexico would be great, beaches, bikini watching, and fishing. A little leisure time along the banks of the Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada and enjoying a little gambling would be perfect. A little island exploring and laying on the beaches on the Big Island in Hawaii would almost be perfect. However, anyone can survive in climates like that, it takes someone special to survive an Alaskan cold snap, besides the Golden Granny looks so cute in her long underwear!

Had the opportunity to talk with Brother Bill this evening, he had just stopped for the night enroute to Minnesota hauling a load of portable ice shanties. He had stopped in Wyoming long enough to visit with niece Diane, everyone might want to clean up their blog sites. She and Dalene are now on the internet, while there Bill showed her how to access my site so it will not be long before they start peeking into yours. It would be great if they started a blog of their own so we could all communicate. So welcome girls, hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. Dalene, by the way, did you ever find the other bottle of champagne that we left for you to safeguard? How about your underwear, did they show up?

Ranger Bill is still making plans of coming north in the spring with a mule, horse and Welsh Pony in tow. He has already found the camper that he is going to be driving north, happened to spot it while driving through some town. It is pretty close to the same age and model of the first truck that Tad used to bring the load of mules and horses to Alaska in the late 50's.

Bill figures that he can easily tow the horse trailer with it, he has not figured out how he is going to haul the rickshaw that I ordered. A two wheel rickshaw would be perfect for the kids, a Welsh Pony is plenty big to pull it, once it is broke to harness, that way one of the kids can ride the pony and three more ride in the rickshaw, Hunter can follow on his bike. No more of those new fangled four wheelers in our camp - we are going back to basics. I also thought that perhaps, I could use the pony and rickshaw to go fishing. I don't think the state parks should charge a parking fee for a horse and buggy! The concept is great, we could all go to the local pub at night, get downright happy and not have to worry about a designated driver - as long as we make sure the horse doesn't have anything to drink! Can a trooper give six people in a rickshaw built for two a ticket if the horse is sober, there is no registration required, no license plate required, it is not a motor vehicle. The last time I checked, there was no statute prohibiting operating a rickshaw under the influence! Do you realize how much fun we could have with Ranger Roger? I do not get many ideas, but this one is good, I don't care what anyone says!

At long last, we on the lower peninsula finally have access to fresh donuts and other
freshly baked delicacies. A new bakery just opened in the "Little Hamlet By The Sea." For those that live in the LA enjoy your Krispi Cremes and Dunking Donuts, we have Omar's Bakery.

Veterans Day  

Posted by Stan Harrington

The temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, for that reason November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of "the war to end all wars". The official treaty, Treaty of Versailles, was signed on June 28, 1919.

In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day to honor the veterans of World War I. In 1954, the 83rd Congress amended the act by striking the word "Armistice" and inserting the word "Veterans" to honor American veterans of all wars. On June 1, 1954, November 11th became the day to honor the all veterans of the United States.

Veterans Day is one of those holidays that the general population of the United States considers a "day off" from work, taking little time to consider nor realize the impact that the veteran of our military services has contributed to our society, lives, or our great nation. Very little emphasis of this past is even mentioned in the history classes of our school system. In this era, of "political correctness" it is not popular to discuss the achievements and sacrifices that the military services have made to our nation.

Today, we hear our politicians publicly demonstrate that we must support our troops, but when it comes time to demonstrate these shallow words, we see them cut budgets and even defame our military leadership in order to enhance their personal political futures. They fail to realize that the lack of support and respect for the leadership has the same affect downward through the Chain of Command. The American Soldier, Airman, Marine, and Sailor is trained to follow the orders of those appointed over them. Any other system would create chaos and the failure to accomplish any mission assigned. Those following the orders are not always going to agree with the order, however, the order must be obeyed unless legal procedures prevail. The system has worked very well since the concept of the our origination as a nation.

I am Veteran, a title that I am very proud of, just as I am as proud of our military men and women that serve today. I can relate to the hardships and sacrifices that they make on a daily basis. The loneliness when standing on the decks of a heaving ship at night, looking out across the vastness of the sea wondering what your wife and children are doing at that particular moment. Realization sets in that you are missing several of their birthdays, or seeing them off to school, or something as simple as sitting down to dinner with them. You recall a Valentine's Day evening when your squadron is scheduled to depart for sea, as you are saying your good-byes, your young son crawls up onto your lap, tears running down his cheeks and asks "why do you have to go daddy", restraining your own tears you can only reply "so perhaps you will never have to go". In time, reality sets in that you still have six more months of the cruise to complete before you once again unite as a family.

Every person that enters the military takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and obey the orders of those appointed over them. The President of the United States, is the Commander In Chief of our military services, it is his sole responsibility when it comes to the decisions involving the deployment of our military units. This is not a decision that may be passed down, it is his alone. Before you quickly criticize a sitting Commander In Chief, perhaps you should consider stepping into his shoes and having to make these decisions on a daily basis, knowing that you are sending men and women into harm's way.

The current Commander in Chief, President George Bush is most likely one of the most popular and respected Commanders of the military community. On September 11th, while sitting in a classroom reading a story to the children, it was whispered to him that we had just been attacked on three fronts by terrorists. Today, when seeing this image you can see the look in his eyes when being told, paused a moment to reflect upon the situation and returned to completing the story. Upon completion, he addressed those assembled what had happened and departed for Air Force One. It was at this moment, he realized that he was the Commander In Chief and the decisions ahead were his alone. Decisions that no other President had ever had to make, except with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Those within the Chain of Command needs a Commander that will make those hard decisions, despite the popular opinions and how those decisions will be reflected in the political polls. You do not always have to agree with a decision, but you have to respect the person that has the ability to make one. Do these decisions play a role in his life? That has been apparent to me since the beginning, he knows what affect his decisions are having on the lives of those that serve, but he also knows the consequences if those decisions are not made. That came even more apparent to me today as I watched him make a presentation at the opening of Marine Corps Historical Museum and in celebration of the Marine Corp Birthday.

In the audience, two parents were sitting in the front row. As he was closing out his presentation about the history of the Marine Corps, he opened up a second black folder, I noticed his hands tremble as he opened it and begin reciting the notes inside. It was about young Marine in Iraq, who had enlisted into the Marine Corps out of high school, coincidently, he shared the same birth date of the Marine Corps, today, November 10th. He was in charge of a detail that had stopped a convoy of cars trying to get across the border into Syria. While searching one of the cars, an occupant jumped out and grab him by the throat, they were engaged in hand to hand combat, when the young marine yelled at his men to watch his hands, just then a hand grenade came out of the terrorists jacket and landed in front of the squad. The Marine broke loose and taking his helmet covered the grenade with that and his body. The hand grenade exploded, the young Marine died a few days later from the wounds he suffered. His actions saved the lives of his fellow Marines.

As this strong image of the Commander In Chief, President of the United States, reciting the story, he had to stop several times to wipe away the tears and pause in order that he could continue. In closing, he read the official citation, awarding this young Marine the highest decoration that may be bestowed upon a military person, the Medal of Honor. This was the first Medal of Honor issued in the war on terrorism. The parents in the audience were the mother and father of the fallen Marine, Corporal Jason Dunham, today was his 25th birthday.

The image of the President, the honest emotional aspect that he was going through brought tears to my eyes. It also made me realize that the toll it must take on him on daily basis when he reads the casualty list of those military men and women that are lost or wounded because he ordered them into harms way. His decision alone, the position of Commander In Chief is a lonely spot. No military person can ask for more than having a Commander who cares about his men, our Commander In Chief is such a man.

Thursday Prattling  

Posted by Stan Harrington

When viewing my news source, I am never quite sure what is going to appear as news worthy. Currently, the news service is filled with political news, I even noticed that my brother was one of the first to editorially discuss the results of the nationwide election. Interesting results to be considered in several races, however, I will refrain from editorializing until the dust has settled, perhaps I can provide an insight that has yet to be considered in the national races.

The news item that brought a little humor into my day took place in Great Britain several days ago, although our ancestral background is English, I am sure that this person was not a member of our surname family, however, I am not ruling out the fact that this person could be related to one of my son in laws. One of them is intrigued in the construction and demolition of fireworks and small homemade bombs. The second son in law is intrigued with fire. This fetish often involves the consumption of alcohol, two items that do not mix well but he has also been known to make two attempts within 10 minutes to burn down cooking tents.

This individual living in London, made the decision to make a statement while setting off some fireworks. Instead of using a stand on the ground, or even holding it with his hands to ignite and launch the rocket, he made the decision to use a orifice of his body as a launch site. He made a great "moon" shot, however, he had not considered any additional fires nor the heat, he is currently hospitalized in fair condition for a scorched colon. Surely my son in laws would never do anything like this?

For a thought to ponder today, this is a flock of geese, which is called a "gaggle".

This is a flock of crows, common birds that we see on a dialy basis, especially around McDonalds, but what is a flock of crows called?

A thought to ponder.

Great Fishing Trip  

Posted by Stan Harrington

Enjoyed a great day on the water on Sunday with Dan and Lacy. As I drove to the Little Hamlet By The Bay just prior to daylight, it was not easy imagining a fishing trip when the thermometer read 2 degrees. Remembering a fishing trip that I had read about earlier, my first stop was at Safeway for a dozen donuts, several sandwiches and drinks. Not taking a chance, we met at the old Orca Plumbing Building for a hot breakfast of sausage and eggs and lots of coffee. Come daylight, we had the boat hooked up and on your way to the harbor. The temperature was looking much better, it was now up to 18 degrees and clear. In very little time, the boat was launched, engines started and the cabin heater on high as we set sail for the fishing grounds.
It was a quick run across the bay, the water was a little rough in the rip but upon arriving at Gull Rock, it had laid down and looking good. Within an hour of our arrival, the ski was cloudless, the sun had a little warmth, and the water was like a mirror.
Fishing was great, my first fish came within 30 minutes of putting in our gear, a very nice 26 pound King Salmon. We also fished Peterson Bay, Halibut Cove and inside China Poot Bay, where we picked up fish. With the 22 foot tide running, fishing the entrance to China Poot is a challenge with the rock bluffs and current speed.
I could tell you how good the fishing was by the number of fish that we caught, but you would think that I was telling a fish story so I will refrain from braggling. Let's just say, we came home with the number of fish that we wanted, within our daily limits and still insured that remaining stock was released to insure future good fishing.
The big fish of the day was 26 pounds, which would have placed in the top three fish in the recent derby, however, the sixteen pounder that Lacy is holding is "white" king! Does anyone have a recipe for smoked white King Salmon, fresh out of the cold waters of Kachemak Bay. Trust me, I really did think of all of you in LA while we were plying the waters of Kachemak Bay, knowing that I was fishing in a nuclear free zone and with not a jet ski in sight - just us fishermen! Should have been there!


Posted by Stan Harrington

Referencing back to one of my original postings pertaining to a couple practical jokes that were played on me involving ladies under garments, in particular bras. Today, I discovered something that finally puts the male specie on equal grounds with the female when it comes to undergarments.
For many years, the ladies have had the advantage of a variety of clothing with additional padding and design that highlights their features beyond their actuality. This style of clothing has always been misleading for men, we are often confused as to reality and actuality.
For many years, the common bra has been the focus of this research, design and implementation. The only slow down that this industry experienced was in the 1970's when all the ladies were burning their bras. Since that time, great advancements have been made to up lift, spread, and increase the size of the bosom including the use of padded and water filled bras. The Wonder Bra, lead the way in the industry, advertising that their bras would lift and separate, which in effect would create an image of a larger bosom.
It has taken years, but finally men are on equal footing with the ladies. An unknown designer from Australia has developed the "Wonderjock". His advertisement includes the following "The design of the underwear, separates, and lifts. The fabric cup protrudes everything out front instead of down toward the ground". "There is no padding, rings, or strings." I have to wonder, if that is how the Wonderbra also works?
Is this innovation going to be popular? Since the launch of the new product seven days ago, www.aussiebum.com has sold 50,000 pairs of the "Wonderjock". This may be a great concept for Christmas presents this year. Just as us men have been wondering for years, if it is a wonderbra or not, now ladies will also wonder if he is wearing wonderjocks or not! Equality at last!